Monday, August 25, 2008

Confusion about Sexual Orientation versus Sexual Identity!

The Gendercator has sparked debate across the country for its take on gender identity, including the premise that some butch lesbians might be pressured to become transmen in a right-wing future with room for only two genders.

And why do we assume that the lesbian would be "butch" in order to be a viable candidate for transmaleness? Does this attitude reflect the biblical binary system of sexuality? Whoa! Lesbians making assumptions based on the goofy Adam & Eve story? Lesbians should know better!

Sexual identity and sexual orientation are very different aspects of sexuality, and the scientific evidence supports the idea that both are innate. Click on my proposed "SexualityModel" at I welcome questions and feedback.

Gendercator Screening & Panel Discussion

On 11/21/2007, Chicago filmmaker Catherine Crouch attended the local premiere of her controversial short film, The Gendercator, a futuristic look at forced gender roles. The 15-minute film, shown at Center on Halsted as part of the Reeling annual LGBT film fest, was followed by more than an hour of debate and discussion with a panel of experts on gender issues, as well as comments by Crouch about her intentions behind the project. Panelists included Jackie Anderson, Catherine Crouch, Ronnie Drantz, Judith Halberstam, Kate Kane and Casey Schwartz. Pictured is Ronnie Drantz (left) with Judith Halberstam during the Gendercator Panel Discussion. Photo by Tracy Baim.

Ronnie Drantz refuted the simplistic biblical binary sexual system with a scientific update including the biology of sexual identity and sexual orientation.