Saturday, May 7, 2011

INTERSEX PEOPLE: What You Should Know & Why You Should Care! (A New Presentation)

I am pleased to announce a new collaboratiave effort devoted exclusively to the topic of intersex.  It is appropriate that the first venue will be the LGBT Center on Halsted.  This presentation "INTERSEX PEOPLE: What You Should Know and Why You Should Care!" is a part of Health, Education and Recreation (HER) Day for LBT women.  The complete schedule of events for HER Day follows.


H.E.R. Day is an event celebrating health, education, and recreation for women and offers a diverse array of interesting and practical programs (see schedule below). People who register for and participate in H.E.R. Day will also receive free admission to an evening performance by comedian Jessica Halem. Morning coffee and lunch included!

Location: Center on Halsted
3656 North Halsted Street
Chicago, IL 60613

Time: June 11th (Saturday), 2011
10am through evening


Provided by Calihan Catering (9-10am)

Keynote Speech “What I Learned from Cancer”
Given by Jessica Halem (10-11am)
Five years as the Executive Director of the Lesbian Community Cancer (now Care) Project taught Jessica Halem a few things. How to survive being called a traitor while doing the right thing, how to appreciate being at someone's deathbed and while keeping their secrets until your own, and how to live a healthy life even while closing down the bar.

Sex Ed 101 (for L/B/T/Q Women)
Presented by the Chicago Women’s Health Center (11am-12:30pm)
Learn what was missing in your high school sex ed! Hear about risks, options, and ways to make sex safer and sexier! Bring your questions!

Women, the Media, and Beauty Ideals)
Presented by Renee Engeln-Maddox, Ph.D. (11am-12:30pm)
This talk will explore how women’s self-perceptions are affected by media exposure. In particular, we will examine how feminine beauty ideals are shaped by media portrayals of women as well as research demonstrating how and why these images have such an impact on women’s experience of their own bodies. We will also consider the various ways in which women fight back in the battle to define female beauty and the evidence regarding whether these techniques are effective.

Healthy Cooking Demo/Class
Presented by Chef Toni Rivera (11am-12:30pm)
Toni Rivera has a culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu. She has been cooking for over 15 years, 4 years in a professional capacity. In this class, you will learn how to cook simple and healthy vegetarian pasta dishes. You will also learn the fundamentals of working your kitchen with high energy, safety, and efficiency.

LUNCH (12:30-1:15pm)

Provided by IVF (12:30-1:15pm)

Tickle Your Fancy: Female Sexuality, Orgasm & What Toys Can Do for You!
Presented by Searah Deysach from Early to Bed (1:15-2:45pm)
Female sexuality is still a great mystery to many of us. In this workshop a sex educator from Early to Bed will start at the beginning - female anatomy. We’ll dismiss myths you may have heard and talk about the nature of women’s pleasure & orgasm. We will also discuss masturbation and its benefits and give you some great tips for feeling more comfortable in your body. We’ll also touch on some ways to make having sex with women even better for everyone involved and show you a few toys & gadgets that can make sex more fun for anyone. You’ll leave with a wealth of information that will hopefully help you enjoy your/her sexuality even more!

Transgender Health
Presented by Lois Bates from Howard Brown (1:15-2:45pm)
Howard Brown has a whole host of programs specifically designed to serve the needs of the transgender community. Come learn about issues in transgender health and services provided by Howard Brown. You will leave feeling knowledgeable and empowered to be your own healthcare advocate.

Intersex People: What You Should Know and Why You Should Care!
Presented by Dr. Veronica Drantz and intersex spokespersons Alex and Mugsie (1:15-2:45pm)
Who is intersex? What are the types of intersex? Is intersexuality natural? What concerns (sexual, social, medical, and legal) are shared by LGBT people and intersex people? Meet intersex people and hear their stories! Learn why you should care! Questions and discussion will follow presentation.

Veronica Drantz holds a Ph.D. in animal physiology and has taught science to medical professionals most of her life. The more than fifty years of research on the development of core sexuality in mammals, including humans, has been reviewed by Dr. Drantz. She speaks to the public about this research and its societal ramifications.

Alex and Mugsie are brave intersex persons who will tell their stories and answer your questions.

Salsa class
Instructed by Heidi Landgraf (3-4pm)
Heidi Landgraf has an MFA in dance from CalArts. She is currently studying Dance/Movement Therapy on a Follett Fellowship at Columbia College Chicago, and is teaching in the Hubbard Street “Movement as Partnership” Program. She loves bringing people together through dance, and is thrilled to see She-She Salsa thriving in Chicago. You will have a blast while learning salsa basics in this class.

Self Defense class
Instructed by Matt Cowell (3-4pm)
Learn basic moves to protect yourself on the mean streets of Chicago! Taught by Matt Cowell, 3rd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, and developed in response to the FBI's nine most common attacks by the American Taekwondo Association, you will learn some strategies to defend yourself, including improvised weaponry, target zones, pressure points, and ground fighting in a safe, fun, and friendly environment. Please wear comfortable clothes.

Yoga class (3-4pm)
(Details to follow)

Have dinner before the show (4-7pm)

Comedy Show, with Jessica Halem (7-8pm)
Bad Feminist (one-woman show)

After Party at Big Chicks (8pm - ?)

$15 - includes presentations, morning coffee, lunch, and evening comedy performance! What a deal!!
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Zoe Brain said...

Hi Ronnie!
Any chance that the presentation will be recorded?

Veronica Drantz, PhD said...

Nobody to videotape me but I did record the voices of my intersex co-presenters. I'll post the transcripts of their stories as soon as I can.