Saturday, June 20, 2009

Same-Sex Behavior Found in Nearly All Animals

Seek and ye shall find! While many examples of homosexuality among animals have been documented in recent years, now biologists see homosexuality as widespread in the animal kingdom! Until recently, even some biologists were duped by the goofy Adam & Eve story so that they didn't see the homosexual behavior even when they were looking at it, and some were afraid to report the gay sex for fear of reprisals in such a homophobic culture. Now the cultural change that increasingly embraces diversity (started by the women's movement and furthered by gay and transgender activists) has affected science in a good way - opening the eyes of researchers and giving them the freedom to report what they find.

(It's ironic that while as a lesbian I have looked to science to help liberate me, I had never considered that advocacy for gay rights would liberate the scientists!)