Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Science and Sexuality" Presentation at the LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin

I am honored to be the final speaker of the year in the LGBT Distinguished Speaker Series at the The LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin where I will present an updated version of my presentation on "Science and Sexuality."

Event:  "Science and Sexuality" Presentation
Date:  Sunday, November 15th
Time:  2-5 pm
Location:  The LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin
1456 Junction Avenue
Racine, WI 53403
ph: 262.664.4100
fax: 262.664.4104

The LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin is relatively new and I am glad to be a part of their activities.  Please visit the Center and attend my presentation if you are in the area.


Anonymous said...

Hello again Ronnie :-)
Looking down that list of topics almost makes me want to hop on an aircraft and join you.

Good luck with this - though you will have a more receptive audience than the one you had at Michfest.


Joanne xxx :-)

Veronica Drantz, PhD said...

So nice to hear from you Joanne!

While some lesbians who attend MichFest might be oblivious or indifferent, I have met none who are hostile to transpersons; and most gay people, I have discovered, are just as ignorant about intersex people as are straight people. But I must clarify that the women who attended my MichFest presentation, and did so in large number, were very receptive and visibly moved by the information about intersex people and transsexual people and their mistreatments. It is the women who run MichFest, not the attendees, who persist in welcoming only "womyn-born-womyn."