Friday, June 5, 2009

1 How Many Sexes Are There?

Part 1 of "Science & Sexuality." How many sexes are there? You don't believe that biblical story, do you? So, did Eve come from Adam?

2 The Sexual Brain

Part 2 of "Science & Sexuality." The most important sex organ is between your ears! The hypothalamus is an ancient brain area governing instinctive drives and behaviors. People are animals and sex is more ancient than people!

3 Sex Hormones

Part 3 of "Science & Sexuality." Sex hormones, how they're made and how they work.

4 Female, Male, Chromosomal Intersex Conditions

Part 4 of "Science & Sexuality." What exactly is a female? male? intersex? What can we learn about sexuality and sexual identity from sex chromosomal variants? Who is Milton Diamond? John Money? John/Joan?

5 Androgen Insensitivity

Part 5 of "Science & Sexuality." What can we learn about sexual development and sexual identity from XY individuals with testes who have hormone receptor molecules that don't work at all or only partly?

6 Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

Part 6 of "Science & Sexuality." What can we learn about sexuality from XX females who have atypically high testosterone influence during fetal development? What can they teach us about the development of sexual identity and sexual orientation?

7 Cloacal Exstrophy, DES treatment

Part 7 of "Science & Sexuality." What can we learn about sexual identity from genetic males who were altered surgically at birth to look female, treated with "female hormones," and socialized as "girls"? What can we learn from individuals who were exposed to synthetic estrogens "in utero"?

8 Biology Of Sexual Identity

Part 8 of "Science and Sexuality." Is sexual identity a biological reality? How does it develop? What determines a person's sexual identity?

9 Biology Of Sexual Orientation

Part 9 of "Science & Sexuality." What determines sexual orientation? Is it learned or inborn? How does culture affect the expression and treatment of sexually different people?

10 My Sexuality Model And the Drantz Hypothesis

Part 10 of "Science & Sexuality." My interpretation of findings on human sexuality to date and my hypothesis regarding what we will find when we examine the first lesbian brains and androphilic FtM brains