Friday, July 24, 2009

"Science and Sexuality" Presentation at Michigan Womyn's Music Festival

My presentation entitled "Science and Sexuality" will be given as a workshop at the National Womyn's Music Festival (aka MichFest) which runs from August 4th through the 9th in the woods near Walhalla, Michigan.
The evidence presented in my PowerPoint slides will be thoroughly discussed and additional information not in the slides will be woven into the talk. As always, questions and discussion will follow the presentation.

Here are the details:
Event: Workshop entitled "Science and Sexuality"
Day: Thursday, August 6th
Time: 3-5pm
Location: MichFest near Walhalla, Michigan
Site: Media Tent

MichFest is the first and the biggest of all women's music festivals and is attended by thousands of women from all over the United States who will coalesce in a tent city that pops up overnight in the woods of northern Michigan for the thirty-fourth year this August. As a largely lesbian event, this is a great venue for reaching a large number of women who already know the pains of being sexually different in a binary gender culture. If the MichFest audience receives the scientific information about intersex and transsexual persons as sympathetically as the audience at the National Women's Music Festival in Wisconsin did just a few weeks ago, then I will be very pleased.