Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Sexual Diversity Award"

Dear Zoe,

Congratulations on being chosen as a finalist for the 2008 Weblog award in the category “Best Australia or New Zealand blog. Now I am especially honored to have been cited in your blog. I am not surprised at your being chosen as a finalist for a blog award, since even as a total novice to blogging, I could immediately see what a classy blog you have created. But I am not surprised that you created such a good blog either, since you are such an amazing person.

It occurred to me, after reading about your finalist designation, that there should be another award that you should definitely win: a “Sexual Diversity Award” for being the most amazing sexually-different person! You have managed (much to my delight) to transgress the “Adam & Eve sexual rules” and qualify for all the sexually-marginalized categories simultaneously and even create some new categories along the way.
Since you have female identity and now look more female than not and still have a female love interest, you would be perceived by many as behaving like a lesbian.
Since your genital anatomy is slightly atypical, you qualify as an intersex individual. Another plus is that you are an unusual type of intersexual person.
Born more male-bodied than not but with a female identity qualifies you as transsexual in many people’s view.
And you have undergone transformation of secondary sex characteristics that became commensurate with your sexual identity, this transformation being driven by endogenous hormonal fluctuations (a kind of “natural quasitransitioning”) that is without parallel in the lives of most people.

Hence, you a homosexual intersexual “endogenously quasi-transitioned” transsexual! What is not to love about you, Zoe? You are a living proof that the “gender binary” paradigm is unnatural and you are an impressive representative as a sexual variation. You deserve an award for your honest self-presentation in your courageous blog that allows us to see your intelligence and heart and humanity. You are a credit to our species.
Thank you Zoe,

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