Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The GLBT March On Washington for Equality Across America

     I'm so excited because I will be taking part in the historic GLBT Equal Rights March on Washington this October.  I will be taking a van to Washington with other members of Chicago's Gay Liberation Network.  In fact, GLN will be teaming up with another group to picket the White House on the Saturday evening before the big march.  That's right!  It would be awful to be in Washington DC and not picket the White House, wouldn't it?

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Bob Schwartz said...

By timing the march a year in advance of the 2010 elections, the MOW organizers including Cleve Jones are doing Obama and the Democrats a huge favor: Provide an outlet for young LGBT activists to blow off steam at a time and place where it will do no damage to the Democratic party.

In addition, place no demands on Obama, the man who has opposed our equal civil rights from the beginning of his White House campaign. And who has spent 9 months backpedaling on promises made to our community.

The stated focus on "Congressional districts," has the effect of channeling anger into the voting booth to once again send a Democratic majority back to DC to do nothing on our agenda. A prescription for futility and frustration. But, by then the campaign to re-elect Obama will be swinging into action.

This cycle needs to be broken by severing ties to the Democrats and relying upon direct action methods to put pressure on ALL political parties and politicians.